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72 Born in Gmunden, lives and works in Vienna (AT)
86-90 Technical College for Creative Metalcraft in Steyr (AT)
95-02 University of Art and Design in Linz (AT)
METALWORK: Prof. H. Gsöllpointner, SPACE & DESIGNSTRATEGIES: Prof. E. Prochazka
- Summer Academies: Onno Boekhoudt (NL), Caroline Broadhead (GB), Maria Blaisse (NL)
since 02 Freelance artist
99 Merit scholarship of Federal Ministry Austria, University of Art and Design, Linz (AT)
02 Research scholarship in Amsterdam (NL), Federal Ministry Austria
05 Leonardo da Vinci Scholarship, Studio Escudo, Breda (NL)
12 Artist in Residence in Gmunden (AT), atelier Upper Austria
13 Artist in Residence in Krumlov (CZ), atelier Upper Austria
16 Art scholarship at Hartheim Institute in Alkoven (AT), Atelier
17 Artist in Residence in Gmunden (AT), atelier Upper Austria
18 Copper Leg Art Residency in Vaskjala (EE)
19 Mardu Artist Residency in Tipu, Sooma (EE)
- Artist in Residence at Suzhou Art & Design Institute in Suzhou (CN), Federal Chancellery Austria
20 Award-winning contribution to "Creatives for Vienna", Vienna Business Agency (AT)
20 Artist in Residence at Egon Schiele Art Centrum in Krumlov (CZ), Atelier Upper Austria
04 Collar of the rector of the Anton Bruckner Private University Upper Austria, Linz (AT)
06 Accessory designs for  “Studio Escudo" (NL), prêt-a-porter Paris (FR) and Tokyo (JP)
09 Art in architecture for the Parish Centre in Linz Ebelsberg (AT)
10 Art in architecture for Municipality of Großraming (AT)
11 Design of five bells for the parish church in Pötting / Neumarkt (AT)
12 Collar of the Rectors and Vice Rectors, University College for Agrarian & Environmental Pedagogy, Vienna (AT)
14 Second prize: Collar of the Rectors, Faculty of Medicine, Joh. Kepler University Linz (AT), unrealized
- Broze portal for the historical church in Maria Neustift (AT)
16 Objects of honour for University College for Agrarian & Environmental Pedagogy, Vienna (AT)
17 Medal for "Catholic Women's Movement" of Upper Austria (AT)
18 V&V Design Classics 2018, V&V Gallery, Vienna (AT)
99 MAK Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna (AT), "Kunst Wien 99", V&V Gallery
00 Künstlerhaus, Vienna (AT), "Kunst hautnah", curated by Veronika Schwarzinger
- Museum für Gestaltung, Zurich (CH), "Alles Schmuck", curated by B. Felderer & H. Lachmayr
01 Landesgalerie Linz (AT), "Best off", curated by M. Hochleitner and A. Hübner
03 Kornhaus Bern (CH), "fake & original", Swiss Jewellery Awards
- Pell Mell, Graz (AT), “changingroom", in cooperation with Steirischer Herbst Festival
- OK Centre of Contemporary Art in Linz (AT), “Best off 2003”
04 MuseumsQuartier, Vienna (AT), “Unit F- Austrian Fashion Week“
- 12 Gallery, Innsbruck (AT), “Jewellery4
06 Lous Martin Gallery, Delft (NL), “Sieraden"
07 Designforum, Vienna (AT), "Cross Continental Design Catwalk, South Africa - Europe"
- Designwerk, Augsburg (DE), curated by Anette Urban
- Museum Nordico, Linz (AT), "art purchases by city of Linz 2003 – 2006"
- Thomas Mann Gallery , New Orleans (USA), "the anti-war medals show"
08 Craft2-eu Gallery, Hamburg (DE), "Styleküste“, curated by Schnuppe von Gwinner
- Festival for Fashion & Photography, Vienna (AT), "guerrilla store", curated by N. Strijkers (NL)
- Shaw Jewelry, Northeast Harbor Maine (USA), "the anti-war medals show"
09 Gallery V&V, Vienna (AT), "The White Tube“ (solo exhibition)
10 MuseumsQuartier, Vienna (AT), "art austria 2010“, V&V Gallery
- Galerie im Traklhaus, Salzburg (AT), "Eligius 2010“
- MAK Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna (AT), "Gegenwärtig - Jewellery from Austria“
11 Tendence Frankfurt (DE), "Neighbouring Country Austria“ 
- Première Classe, Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Paris (FR), "Austrian Fashion Showcase“ 
12 Freaks & icons, Vienna (AT), "White, White But Different"
- Werner Hermsen Gallery, Wiesbaden (DE), "Neue Ernte"
 13 Frank Kafka’s House, Prague (CZ) "dsm – designfestival Prague"
14 De Markten, Brussels (BE), "pop & shop", European Union National Institutes for Culture

Gallery de Zeemeermin, Steyl (NL), "Bra-Participation“

Le Royal, Prague (CZ), "Bohemia Design Market"
Isabella Muschalik Gallery, Munich (DE), group exhibition
Centre d'Art Santa Mònica, Barcelona (ES), "Joya - Art Jewellery", Alliages Legacy Award
18 Maxgalerie, Augsburg (DE), "Melange" with Helen Habtay and Danni Schwaag
- V&V Gallery, Vienna (AT), "Kulturperlen", Design Classic 2018
19 MAK Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna (AT), Galerie im Traklhaus, Salzburg (AT), "Eligius 2019"
- Danner Foundation, Munich (DE), "Sonderschau Schmuck 2019"
- A-Galerii, Tallinn (EE), "White, White, Black. What can I afford?", solo exhibition
- Museum Espace Solidor, Cagnes-Sur-Mer (FR), "Alliages Donation"
- Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Beijing (CN) "2019 Beijing International Jewelry Art Exhibition"
- Museum Francisco Carolinum, Linz (AT), "Metall und mehr. Helmuth Gsöllpointner's masterclass"
- Pforzheim Jewellery Museum, Pforzheim (DE), "Eligius - Contemporary Art Jewellery from Austria"
20 V&V Gallery , Vienna (AT), "Pearls as best friends"
00 Hans Schullin Collection (AT)
03 Art Patronage Purchase of the Linz City Cultural Council (AT) 
19 Alliages Collection, Museum Espace Solidor in Cagnes-Sur-Mer (FR)
21 Shanghai Art Collection Museum, Shanghai (CN)
99 - 20 V&V Gallery, Vienna (AT) 00 / 04 / 07 / 09 / 12 / 18   VIDEO >>
01 - 11 Zauner Gallery, Linz (AT)
04 - 20 Friederike Glück Gallery , Stuttgart (DE)
05 - 07 Lous Martin Gallery, Delft (NL)
08 - 11 Silke Fleischer Gallery, Antwerp (BE)
08 - 09 Craft2eu Gallery, Hamburg (DE)
08 - 10 Etcetera Gallery, Freiburg (DE)
10 - 20 Ecke Gallery / Maxgalerie, Augsburg (DE)
13 - 20 Fox Gallery , Prague (CZ)
19 - 20 A-Galerii, Tallinn (EE)

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