by Alice Valenti from Scicche, Milan (I)
Andrea AUER – Alice VALENTI

V: Main feature of your character
A: Passion

V: Your main weakness
A: Afternoon nap

V: Your dream of happyness
A: Jumping fences and crossing fields

V: The city in which you live
A: Vienna

V: The color that you prefer
A: Bondi-blue

V: Why did you choose to become a designer?
A: Because of opportunity to add something recent to this system / world

V: How do your ideas come to life?
A: By playing and experimenting

V: Which is the product, among yours, that you like the most?
A: The unfinished one

V: Which is your favorite material to work with?
A: Daily use material in all its forms

V: From where do you get your inspirations?
A: From banal objects and found material

V: Which trade fair/Design Week are you planning to attend next?
A: Designfestival in Prague

V: Please describe youself as a designer using three adjectives
A: Indepedent. Authentic. Sensitised.

V: Please describe your products using three adjectives
A: FANCY. Extraordinary. Surprising.

V: Who are your favourite designers?
A: Margiela, droog, Bless

V: Which is youR catchword?

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